Megasa Group


The MEGASA GROUP is a family-run business specialised in the production and distribution of long steel products.

The Group has more than one thousand employees in its different production plants and distribution units on the Iberian peninsula.

With an installed capacity of over three million tons, MEGASA uses electric arc furnace steel mill to produce a wide range of long steel products: rebar, wire rod and electro-welded fabric.

Sede en Narón


Production plants

Megasa Siderúrgica S.L.

Founded in 1953, Megasa Siderúrgica S.L. were company company's headquarters are based.

Located in Narón, north-west of A Coruña (Spain), it enjoys a strategic geographical position, just nine kilometers away from Ferrol port. It produces rebar in straight lengths, rebars in wild coils and wire rod with a wide range of grades and diameters.

Megamalla S.L.

Megamalla joined the Megasa Group at the end of the 90s. The company is located in the town of Narón (north-west Spain), very close to Ferrol port.

Its core activity is the manufacturing of electro-welded steel meshes - standard and special - and lattice girders (truss-type spacers). All production is based on hot-rolled rebar in both bars and coils.

Production plant.

Megasider Zaragoza, S.A.U.

In 2016, Megasider Zaragoza S.A.U. became part of the Megasa Group. This mill was recently re-located to the outskirts of Zaragoza and enjoys a strategic location in the North East of the Iberian Peninsula, with excellent connections to the most relevant industrial areas in Spain and also to France.

This mill is specialised in merchant bars, with a wide range of dimensions and grades being produced. The range also includes rebar and some sections.

Recycling plant.

JAP2 Recuperaciones S.L.

One year after the purchase of Ecometais, group takes another step forward in scrap business with the purchase of JAP2 Recuperaciones.

The plant, located in Silla (Valencia), is able to produce fragmented and shredded scrap.

Megasa Siderúrgica S.L. Megamalla S.L. Megasider Zaragoza, S.A.U.


Production plants

SN Seixal
Siderurgia Nacional S.A.

Located in the surroundings of Lisbon, this plant specialises in the production of low, mid and high carbon wire rod. Due to its flexibility, it can also produce reinforcing products in different presentations: bars, wild coils and spooled coils.

SN Transformados S.A.

With its headquarters in Seixal, close to Lisbon (southern Portugal), SN Transformados manufactures special and standard electro-welded mesh, both from cold drawn wire and from hot-rolled coils. Its production includes also coils of cold-drawn ribbed wire.

Recycling plant.

Ecometais S.A.

In June 2011, the Ecometais shredding plant joined the Megasa Group. This company engages in the production of shredded steel scrap that results from recycling light scrap and out-of-service vehicles. The plant enjoys a privileged situation, very close to Lisbon (southern Portugal).

Production plant.

SN Maia
Siderurgia Nacional S.A.

SN Maia produces rebar in straight lengths.

The factory is located in Maia, close to the city of Porto (Portugal) and fifteen kilometers away from Leixoes port. SN Maia is the largest group's rebar production unit.


Megasa Francia

SRD - Société Rouennaise de Déroulage - started its activity in 1991. Since March 2023, SRD has been part of the Megasa Group. This acquisition allows the Megasa Group to diversify and intensify its presence in Europe and offer its entire range of products from SRD.